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‘Who would believe thee, Isabel?’

The delicate balance of power is toppled when the Duke Vincentio bestows absolute power upon his deputy, Angelo, in his stead. When the new and all-powerful Official offers to save the life of Isabella’s brother in return for her virginity, the young postulant nun is left astounded by the state of justice. William Shakespeare’s timeless problem play ‘Measure for Measure’ explores themes of hypocrisy, faith, blackmail and love as we see what happens when the ones in charge don’t abide by their own rules.

This production, set in a time parallel to our own, focuses on how modern-day media frenzy can affect people’s actions, as we live in a world in which we never know who is really watching us. Against a backdrop of the #MeToo movement, we follow Isabella, Shakespeare’s most virtuous heroine, as she campaigns for justice in an oppressive and patriarchal state.

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